It's been a while..... / by David Davies

Well it’s six months since my last post so lots to catch up on. I have spent the summer at Malvern, occasionally back here at London and managed six weeks in my third home Pegomas which is a small village outside Cannes on the Cote d’Azur. Great painting and photography country with that strong Mediterranean light, the sea and the mountains.

So, in the Gallery at the moment I’m showing images from a range of locations, mainly landscape subjects but will be adding (and subtracting) more pages with the best of the images from summer 2018.

I’ve had a bit of a shake out with my lenses over the past few months and have added a wide angle Nikon 18-35mm F4 and a Nikon 28-300mm F3.5-5.6. The wide angle choice was a no brainer as its so light, sharp, works well with the Lee filters using the 77mm WA adapter ring and shows no sign of vignetting. Now normally I wouldn’t really go for a super-zoom lens but after checking out the Nikon 28-300mm and being impressed with how sharp it was I purchased it to use as a daily carry around in France. Well it didn’t let me down, I managed some well lit, sharp shots from the wide end up to around 200mm. It does drop off a bit in its edge sharpness at the extreme end of the zoom but cropping can help with the worst of this. Nevertheless its one of the best super-zooms I’ve used and for the moment its in my travel bag.

At the moment I’m editing all the stuff from the summer but also making time to get out and shoot the autumn colour in this glorious sunshine……